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Read the latest news from your favorite sites and blogs on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, even when you’re offline.

Simply use your free Feedly account to subscribe to websites you’d like to keep track of. Byline will automatically bring you new content, putting thousands of RSS and Atom feeds at your fingertips.

Stay in touch

Reading your feeds has never been so fast and frictionless. When you’re ready for the next article there’s no need to scroll down or stab at tiny buttons — just swipe to move between pages in one fluid motion.

Browse offline

Even when you have no internet connection, Byline gives you instant access to complete web pages. Perfect for flights, subway journeys, and those long dry spells between Wi-Fi zones.

Byline automatically analyses your feeds so that it can cache the ones with truncated content. This means all your news is there in full when you’re offline, and blazing fast to load when you’re online to boot. It’ll also cache your notes, so you can save any website you visit for offline browsing.

Sync and share

When you read an item, it stays read. The same goes for the items you star or share: Byline will let Feedly know the next time you have an internet connection. Byline is also tightly integrated with Twitter, Instapaper, and Pocket, so it’ll fit right into your online world.

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