Frequently Asked Questions:


How can I get in touch?


If you’d like to ask a question or give feedback, please send us an email or tweet.


How can I organise my feeds into collections?


Byline lets you add or remove your feeds from existing collections — just view the feed and tap on the feed’s title in the navigation bar to modify the subscription. At present you can’t create new collections within the app, but any collections you create using on the desktop will be picked up by Byline the next time you sync.


How can I tell which items are cached?


You can see the overall progress of caching in Byline’s settings. By default, Byline caches images for all your feeds, and web pages for your “Saved for Later” articles. Visit settings to turn on web page caching for more of your feeds. If you’re viewing an article offline, you can tell if the web page is cached by whether the “forward” button in the toolbar is available. In addition, saved articles are shown in the list with a green (instead of grey) bookmark icon when the web page has been fully cached.


Is Byline free?


Byline is free to use with ads. If and when you want to remove the ads, you can upgrade with a simple in-app purchase. Visit Byline’s settings and you’ll see an “Upgrade” option at the top.


Do I have to upgrade on each of my devices separately?


Yes, but you only have to pay once! On each additional device, just visit the upgrade screen, tap “RESTORE”, and enter the same account details you used to purchase the upgrade.


Can I upgrade from my previous version of Byline?


If you’ve bought one of the older versions of Byline, you’re entitled to upgrade at half price. When you visit the upgrade screen, Byline should automatically detect your older version of the app and tell you that you are being offered a discount. If this is not happening, make sure you’ve installed the older version of Byline on your device and used it to restore your old purchase if necessary.


Where can I find Byline’s version history?


Take a look at the release notes feed.